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Contact information

Palvelukeskus Foibe
Sairaalakatu 7

Tel. +358 9 851 851
Fax +358 9 8518 5201

Palvelukeskus Foibe (Foibe Service Center) offers apartments, services and activities mainly for the elderly. Residents are provided with comfortable apartments and a stimulating environment with various activities.

Residential services include owner occupied flats, rental flats and nursing wards (Foibe-homes). Also domestic help and home care services are available to all residents.

Service and activity center includes a restaurant, cafe, kiosk, library, hairdresser, barber, podiatrist, gym, pool, sauna, room with a fireplace and art workshop. Daytime activities are consisting of various courses, clubs and lectures. It is also possible to rent our premises for various occasions.

Physical therapy and rehabilitation center offers diverse healthcare and rehabilitation services for private and group customers. Various methods of physical therapy, massages and guided exercising in a pool or in a gym are available.

For more information please contact Foibe's customer service.


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